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Making the decision to hire a company to manage your IT needs should be done with as much information as possible.

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Spectrum Business Technologies Has been around longer than you may think!

SBT has it’s roots in a consultation business that I started in 1994 where the primary focus was building and supporting great workstations and deploying Linux as cost effective solution to many business needs.  

Over the years the nature of that business has been updated and improved to ensure we bring you the best in technology and service.

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Meet the Owner

Hello, my name is Tiesa Meri Meskis and I am the owner of Spectrum Business Technologies.

First I want to thank you for coming to this site to find out more about my company.  You have just taken the first step to finding the right company to manage your IT needs.

Like others in this industry, my journey began when we got our first computer, a Commodore VIC20, and after an hour or so of typing code from a book I got to execute my first program. 
I was lucky enough to be growing up in a place and time that was about to become the epicenter of technological growth and in 1987 I was provided an amazing opportunity to learn from a local business IT consultant.  These were the days of DOS, Mainframes, and the Internet was not yet on the tongues of every household, but it was about to be.

With the advent of the i386 processor, things really started to change as this was also when the Linux operating system was born and I started my journey to becoming a Systems Administrator and advocate for the OpenSource philosophy.
The amazing thing about Linux was that it was a freely available operating system that offered functionality that was only previously attainable from very expensive systems like AT&T, IBM, Sun Microsystems, DEC, and others.  Linux also opened opportunities for budding young people like myself, at the time, to learn and develop skills that even to this day I employ in the services I offer others.

Though I have held more traditional jobs through the years I have always maintained a consulting business as a side job and fall back when life would throw me a curveball.
In 2008 I made the plunge to really expand my consulting business and make it my full-time occupation.  At this time I started adding more resources to my skillset like VoIP, Fiber Optic and Wireless Networking, Cloud technologies, and many others.

In 2010 I moved to Grays Harbor County in Washington State and put my skills to use for businesses here and abroad.  During this time I have built some great relationships with local businesses and strived to provide them with excellent service and solutions to meet and exceed their expectations.

In case it was not obvious, SBT is a trans-owned and fully inclusive business.

We strive to create a safe environment and respect others for who they are and celebrate the beauty of our community.

As such we are very careful about who we do business with and refuse to work with anyone that would spread and support hatred and oppression.